• Donder Spreaders

    Donder Spreaders


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.

    As farming progresses, so do the Donder fertilizer spreaders.
    Donder deliver a simple machine, with all the features and technology needed in today’s conditions, at a fraction of the price of many competitors. Without comprising safety or quality. The CGSA series is not just about saving money, but applying fertilizers as evenly and precisely.

    Adjustable Spread Width 10m – 36m
    With the ability to adjust spreading widths infinitely from 10-36 metres, the CGSA series is versatile enough to suit many types of farmers and different farming practices.

    Choice of Disc and blade sets.
    10 – 16 metre.
    18 – 24 metre.
    24 – 36 metre.
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