Self Propelled Sprayers

  • Hagie DTS10

    The Hagie offers a class leading ride, auto boom fold and a quality Cummins engine. These models are powerful solutions for all-season productivity.


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.

    Functionality meets performance

    The 2015 DTS 10 is the perfect combination of design and functionality for performance. The lightest weight model in Hagie's product line features 3,800 litre solution capacity with a lower centre of gravity to effectively perform applications in various terrain and soil conditions with minimised compaction. The front mounted boom optimises visibility and operator efficiency. The DTS 10 is a functional solution to let you take on the adventure you choose.

    The 2015 STS is compatible with a range of boom sizes and attachments to suit the individual needs of your operation. Quickly disconnect the boom and attach a high clearance Nitrogen Toolbar (NTB) attachment to perform timely and precise side-dressing applications. With over a decade in the market, the proven NTB is your nutrient management solution for performing full season N applications when crops need it most while minimising loss and protecting your inputs. Boost capability with a Detasseling Toolbar (DTB) to perform opportune pulling and cutting de-tasseling applications on seed corn acres. Maximise the return on investment of your STS sprayer with operations and put time in your hands.

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