Self Propelled Sprayers

  • Miller Nitro 5000 Series

    The Nitro 5000 self-propelled sprayer has a full 1.8 metres of ground clearance, tight turning radius and multi attachments.


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.


    The Nitro 5000 is not an average sprayer. It’s a class leader in so many ways. The full six feet of ground clearance allows for late season spraying in tall crops, ensuring critical yield

     boosting applications can be made when you need them to be. The front cab and boom configuration gives you a command view of your entire operation. Watch every nozzle and navigate every obstacle in the field without ever looking back. And with the Nitro’s high clearance and safe, pressurised, charcoal filtration SprayView cab, you’ll never have to worry about air borne chemical contamination in the operator environment.

    Keeping you productive means letting you work as long as you need to – including late into the season. That’s why the Nitro features a full six feet of ground clearance. And since your goal is minimum crop damage while spraying, clearing is critical, as are other Nitro features, such as its even weight distribution, outstanding traction and tight turning radius.

    The Nitro is known for its great ride, but our HydraLink system does so much more. It insures accurate spraying even at high speeds, less overall machine stress and better boom stability. The all-wheel suspension, connected to an X pattern, gives you a great ride in the toughest conditions, meaning you’ll be covering more acres in a day – and your teeth won’t be rattling at the end of it.



    Nitro 5000 Series

    $ P.O.A.

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