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    Italian Diesel pump


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.

    • 12v 40 L/min Italian diesel pump
    • Auto shut-off gun
    • Lockable fuel cap and lockable dispensing gun mount on 450
    • Lockable flip lid
    • UV stabilised diesel grade polyethylene tank
    • Antistatic earth strap and brass insert external mounting points
    Part No.  Description
    GA5022385 100L, 800 x 710 x 475
    GA5022386 200L, 800 x 1180 x 475
    GA5022388 400L (tall), 800 x 1650 x 600
    GA5022387 400L (low), 800 x 1180 x 795
    GA5022389 600L, 800 x 1650 x 845
    GA5023655 40 L/min free flow 12v pump, 4mx19mm delivery hose, 2m suction hose, auto shutoff nozzle and carry handle
    GA5023656 60 L/min 12v pump, 1” inlet
    GA5023650 40 L/min 12v pump, 1” inlet
    GA5023293 Electronic fuel meter, NPT 1” connections
    GA4933345 Auto shutoff gun, NPT 1” connections
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