Come visit SprayerBarn at AgQuip

Come visit SprayerBarn at AgQuip

Sponsored by Commonwealth Bank since the 1970s, SprayerBarn returns to the premier agricultural industry field event this year. The annual Commonwealth Bank AgQuip will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 16th – 18th, August 2016 in Gunnedah, NSW.

Come say G'day to our team and learn SprayerBarn’s story

Like the customers they serve, Daniel and Alison Szymkow are proud country people. Raising four children in the country, it’s been almost a decade since SprayerBarn started in humble beginnings in Dubbo and almost a decade of coming to AgQuip.

Daniel has been involved with designing, manufacturing and selling sprayers for more than 20 years, working with all the main brands and becoming an authority on spraying techniques across the world.

With this experience, Dan is able to offer farmers ways to improve their efficiency and to use spraying technology as a way to claw back some of the margins or as a way to stay ahead of the game. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for ways to change up your processes, SprayerBarn will be happy to help.

We’ll be rolling out some of our best sprayers for one of our favourite field days 

At AgQuip, we’ll be stocking some brands and equipment that will be familiar to you and some that are not so familiar. With self-propelled sprayers from Hagie, Househam, Goldacres and Hardi fast sprayers and landquip trailing sprayers, BA Sprayers, Cdax and GPS technology from Agleader, the SprayerBarn stall will be stocked with a range of leading brands for you to enquire about and try for yourself.

Beyond what we’ll be selling on show day, if there’s a particular brand or item you’ve had your eyes on, come and talk to us. If you just want a yarn and are looking for a solution, come by and one of our experts will be able to answer your questions.

If you like big and efficient, ask us about the 48.5 metre self-propelled and trailing sprayers that we have on offer, giving farmers less time in the sprayer, less fuel used in the tank, but more ground covered.

Got any questions? Subscribe to SprayerYarn for more updates from our experts or follow us on Facebook to hear from us in the lead-up to the AgQuip and find out where we’ll be.

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Take your hands off the wheel with Autoturn

Take your hands off the wheel with Autoturn

We’re struggling to keep up with the demand for the newest GPS feature to hit SprayerBarn - the NextSwath™ Trimble autoturn.

Autosteer vs Autoturn

We know most growers out there have already taken to the Autosteer feature like a duck to water, but now we are pleased to be able to offer a new and improved GPS installation to all our customers.

NextSwath™ Trimble could let you work 2,000 acres and never touch the wheel, and it’s at an affordable price. 

Industry experts describe it as more efficient and accurate on turns, and Autoturn is also easier on the gears and other equipment involved. 

This is also good news for the operator, who will now be able to concentrate on the machinery and keep any eye out for any breakdowns or problems that may occur. 

Growers operating with NextSwath™ Trimble have found that breakdowns are actually less common out in the paddock. With both the steering and turning under control, the operator can keep an eye on the spray rig or boom and its functions, along with any other hazards in the field. 

While the advantages of this feature keep rolling, some have questioned its purpose in terms of growers hiring operators to essentially sit in the cab and let the machinery do all the work. 

But the savings in fuel, waste reduction and operator alertness more than make up for that. 

Maximise efficiency and yield

By automating the end-of-row turn process, NextSwath technology can dramatically improve the operator's performance, eliminate towed implement undershooting or overshooting, and minimize skips and overlaps when lining up for the next row. As a result, it is well suited for field tasks that use a pull-behind implement or require multiple applications during the crop season such as nutrient spraying.

The technology also saves fuel costs, and reduces crop damage and compaction at field boundaries, which can increase yield. 

Get Autoturn moving on your farm 

The team at your local SprayerBarn are qualified to install Trimble's NextSwath™ Autoturn into approved machinery. 

If you’re interested in talking to an expert - call your local SprayerBarn now!

Want to know more? We found a great video from the Trimble Navigation team.

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