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SprayerBarn is one of Australia’s largest distributors of spray equipment and agricultural machinery. With 7 stores across 4 states we offer quality equipment and service to Australian farmers.

Find all the spraying tools you need under one roof! Whether you’re looking for self-propelled or trailing spraying systems, we have you covered. Browse our catalogue for a range of sprayers and other agricultural equipment including spreaders, tiller & harrows, booms and GPS systems.

Here at SprayerBarn we offer expert support as well as cutting-edge machinery. Get in touch with your local store today where you will find everything you need under one roof and discover why SprayerBarn is Australia’s leading sprayer specialist.

  • Balzer Cotton Shredders

    The Balzer Cotton Shredders were specifically engineered for the demands of today's cotton stalks and residue. Every component is over-sized and over-engineered to withstand the wear and tear of cotton shredding. This shredder is available in 8m centre drive linkage
  • SlugMaster

    The C-Dax SlugMaster is a heavy-duty 12-volt broadcast spreader that has been specifically developed for spreading bait in arable cropping situations.
  • Trimble EZ-Guide 250

    The EZ-Guide 250 features simple on-screen wizards, a night mode function and either perspective or overhead view to see exactly where you are going.
  • Weedseeker

    Weedseeker Selective Spot Spray technology is available in a conveniently packaged stand-alone trailed platform. Check out how to increase cost savings for every hectare covered.

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4 helpful Trimble GPS Tips

We understand that technology can be frustrating when you don't know what's wrong with it. Here are a few quick tips that might help you when things aren't going your way:    

My GPS has no ‘Sats’:

Your Trimble GPS system will have a few configurable connection protocols. The protocols determine the accuracy of your GPS positioning and are normally set at time of purchase. At some point your protocol may become corrupt or lost. To correct this simply go to “check status” and ensure that the correct protocol is selected.

My Trimble steering has dropped out:

There are several Trimble steering options available. This problem is normally caused by a power issue to the steering. Check the power connection, if the power is not reaching the steering then check the cabling.

My Trimble screen is frozen:

Frozen screens are normally fixed by simply removing the power to the screen for 60 seconds, reinstalling the power plug and turning the screen back on. If the screen is still frozen or the screen is showing ‘finalising firmware update’, return to your dealer for further investigation.

My Memory is Full:

Check the status to determine the available memory. If you receive a message stating that anymore fields cannot be created because the data is full, go to display settings and clear the coverage logging.

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