• Crop Cruiser G5 / G6

    The G5 / G6 Crop Cruiser has a 5200 or 6000L tank, proven TriTech boom range of up to 42m, efficient mechanical drive system and a host of options to make your spraying operations economical and enjoyable.
  • G8 Super Crusier

    The Super Cruiser is a major milestone in terms of self propelled sprayer capacity and performance.
  • Goldacres Batchmate

    The Goldacres Batchmate allows you to mix and agitate chemical in preparation for loading into your sprayer - speeding up loading powders or granules.
  • Goldacres Cropcruiser - G3/G4

    The G3 / G4 Series Crop Cruiser sprayers represent the very best technology in a package that is both simple and economical to operate.
  • GoldAcres Induction Hopper

    Goldacres induction hoppers accommodate all drum types and can be used to safely measure liquid, rinse drums and transfer both liquid and dry chemicals.
  • Goldacres Linkage Sprayers - Medium

    The medium frame linkage sprayer features a tough narrow profile RHS frame designed to keep the weight of the sprayer as close to the rear of the tractor as possible.
  • Goldacres Pro-Reel RTV

    Simply convert your RTV into a flexible and functional spray rig by adding a Pro-Reel Utility.
  • Goldacres Pro-Reel Single Tubmate

    The Pro-Reel® Single is a tray mounted sprayer range ideal for high pressure spraying duties. Designed for the professional sprayer, fitted with high pressure diaphragm pumps, 100m Pro-Reel® remote auto rewind hose reels, quality components and compact dimensions.
  • Goldacres Pro-Reel Trailed

    The fully self-contained trailing Pro-Reel® is a very tough on/off road spray trailer configured with the most practical features.
  • Goldacres Pro-Reel Twin Traymount

    The Pro-Reel® Twin is a traymounted sprayer range ideal for high pressure spraying duties requiring two operators. They come in tank sizes 400, 600, 800 & 1000L with a tank sump for complete tank drain, and compact dimensions to suit many tray applications.
  • Goldacres T3 Sprayer

    Specifically designed to suit RTV's, the T3 is your personal go anywhere weed terminator.
  • Goldacres Towbar Booms

    Designed to slide into a Hayman Reese style towbar mount these lightweight aluminium booms are ideal for use on RTVs and utilities.
  • Goldacres TrayMate Sprayers

    The TrayMate is a heavy duty 12 volt sprayer designed for either spot spraying or adapting to operate a small boom.
  • Goldacres Traymount Sprayers

    The Traymount range with petrol driven engine and diaphragm pumps provides operators a high flow, high pressure sprayer packaged within a compact footprint. Suitable for hand or boom spraying larger areas.
  • GoldAcres Ultimate ST Series

    The Prairie Compact S incorporates many elements from the larger Goldacres trailing sprayer range to ensure maximum strength, longevity and performance.
  • Marolex Pressure Sprayers

    Marolex is of European standard in quality, design, durability, uses quality plastics and chemical resistant seals to distinguish its sprayers as the most reliable on the market.
  • Transcal

    The Transcal measures chemical transferred by volume, not flow, giving consistent accuracy.
  • Goldacres Pro-Reel

    Transform an existing tank and pump into a weed-killing weapon. Simply add a Pro-Reel to your outfit and take the work out of spraying.
  • Goldacres Spotmate Sprayers

    Spotmate sprayers are extremely versatile, with UV resistant rotationally moulded poly tanks for great strength and durability.
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