FAST sprayers and applicators have been tested over thousands of acres. Throughout the history of the company, serious, long-term farmers have purchased FAST equipment to experience years of dependable, trouble-free performance. Here are some of the reasons why we love FAST: 

  1. Simplicity!

     The Fast trailing Sprayer is the simplest trailer sprayer that you will operate. It is designed by Farmers for Farmers, owned and operated by the employees of the FAST organisation and is distributed in Australia by SprayerBarn. The Fast ‘directional valve’ means one valve only to get you spraying or to rinse. The simplest plumbing on the market with the lowest maintenance. The boomline are all high flow stainless steel meaning less residue and ease of cleaning.

  2. Design!

    Means High clearance with less crop damage, short chassis for less crop damage, adjustable wheel track 2-3m.

  3. Capacity!

    Fast trailing sprayers have an 800lpm Hypro pump, Tanks up to 9000 ltrs

  4. Boom Ride!

    The FAST hydraulic auto accumulated centre pivot section is decoupled from the trailer allowing it to stay level with the ground at all times, providing a superior boom ride.

  5. Boom Functionality!

    The standard Fast Bi and Tripple Fold booms allows you to spray with the boom in its folded position or partially unfolded, ensuring that obstacles are easily averted without causing boom damage. All booms are electric over hydraulic meaning only one pair of remotes to operate all functions in-cab with boom tilt standard.

For more information on FAST Sprayers or to view our full range, click HERE!

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