Geraldton Precision Spray Day

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Geraldton Precision Spray Day

Geraldton Precision Spray Day

It's time...
SprayerBarn Geraldton PRECISION SPRAY DAY is nearly here!

So you want more from your guidance? Then come along to our Geraldton Precision Spray Day and witness first hand the latest Ag Leader Asia Pacific technology.

There will be live and static demonstrations of the product range from auto-steer to live mapping to data management & more. Fast and Goldacres sprayers with ISObus control, boom height control, vehicle data transfer and management tools between vehicles and home base will all be on show.

You won't want to miss out!

When: Friday 19th July

Time: 11.00am-4.00pm

Where: 'Mount Adams', Yandanooka W Road, WA, 6525

For more information contact SprayerBarn Geraldton.

Stay Tuned

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