Purchase a trailing sprayer from Goldacres and receive a cash back equal to $1 per litre. 

Over 40 years of Australian sprayer manufacturing know how, Goldacres has created the benchmark in trailing sprayers.


• Choose from 7500L tank with 36m boom, 6500L tank with 36m boon or 3000L tank with 21m boom

• 2 x tank flush nozzles

• 170 l/min diaphragm pump on 3000L

• 260 l/min diaphragm pump on 6500L & 7500L

• 180L flush water tank on 3000L 

 • 400L flush water tank on 6500L & 7500L

 • Airbag axle on 6500L & 7500L 

 • 16.9 x 34 wheels on 3000L 

 • 18.4 x 38 wheels on 6500L 

 • 520/85R42 xload wheel on 7500L 

 • Fence line nozzle 

 • Induction hopper 

 • Road pack with lights, rotating beacon, over size sign and safety chains 

 • Boom wing tilt 

 • Delta boom with 3 way suspension 3000L 

 • TriTech 36m boom with hydraulic yaw control on 6500L & 7500L 

 • Chemical Venturi Probe 

 • Full length mudguards and mud flaps 

 • Raven SCS450 auto rate controller 3000L & 6500L 

 • Raven SCS4400 auto rate controller on 7500L 

 • RapidFire (500mm spacing) with RapidFlow spray technology on 7500L

Offer valid on all Trailing products 400-8500L from 1st May until 30th June 2019. *Terms and Condition apply. All prices Inc GST 

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