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Droughts and blistering heat have shaped Australia. But on the back of consecutive seasons of drought, rainfall has been lower than the average by 10%. Our farmer friends need a hand and not just our customers, all farmers. We are one big community, and these are our people.

Every day we hear stories of farmers hand feeding livestock with feed that their own properties were unable to provide. We hear of farmers looking to the sky to pray for rain, yet it simply hasn’t come. Sprayerbarn wants to help.

SprayerBarn (Dubbo, Parkes, Narrabri and Moree) have decided to donate their labour to repair pumps that are on Spray Rigs. Each spray rig, be it a tow behind sprayer, a linkage sprayer or a self-propelled sprayer, has a pump. And every pump is essential to the farming business.

The pumps can be piston pumps, diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps. They can also come from any manufacturer. If the pump can be repaired and the parts are able to be obtained, then SprayerBarn will fix it. The only cost to the farmer will be the cost of the parts.

“The labour component of a pump repair can often be 85% of the final repair price” said Daniel Szymkow – Managing Director of SprayerBarn. “This way farmers can bring their pumps to one of our stores, have it repaired and have all the labour costs wiped off their bill.”

Many farmers can’t afford to have their pumps repaired and they end up sitting in their sheds or on rigs waiting for times to get better. This offer is open to all farmers, whether you’re a SprayerBarn customer not.

For more information contact your local SprayerBarn store at:

Dubbo: 02 6882 0313
Moree: 02 6752 4700
Narrabri: 02 6792 1242
Parkes: 02 6862 5256

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Maxime Fulpin commented on 01-Aug-2018 12:48 PM
Amazing initiative! Good job guys :)