How to reduce drift 5-9 times with Billericay Nozzles?

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How to reduce drift 5-9 times with Billericay Nozzles?

How to reduce drift 5-9 times with Billericay Nozzles?

Introducing Billericay Nozzles – the low drift range of Nozzles from the UK now available at SprayerBarn. ‘Reduces drift 5-9 times compared to flat fan nozzles’.

The Air Inducted Billericay Air Bubble Jet Nozzles sucks air through a venturi hole and mixes it with spray liquid to produce air filled droplets.

The inventors of the Air Inducted Nozzle, Billericay, are now being stocked at SprayerBarn. The Billericay nozzles are referred to as 'Air Bubble Jets'.

The nozzles have a LERAP (Local Environmental Risk Assessments for Pesticides) low drift rating in the UK indicating their ability to reduce spray drift.

Whilst some may think that air inducted nozzles producing larger droplets also produced increased areas between droplet depositions thus affecting the efficacy of foliar applications, Billericay say differently.

In an independent project assessing the efficacy of air inducted nozzles and in particular the droplet size to range of foliar application of herbicides it was found that the Billericay Air Bubble Jet 2 produced similar levels of control to a flat fan spray nozzle.

And with their LERAP low drift rating Billericay claim that they are perfectly set to provide your efficient low drift alternative to On Target Spraying.

Ten size variations are available that cover the complete spectrum of spraying activity. Air Bubble jets operate at a pressure of 2-5 bar (30-75PSI) giving an output of 20-800 L/Ha with a fan angle of 100 degrees.

More information about Billericay and the Air Bubble Jets here.

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