Fast 9600N/TF Series

  • Fast 9600N/TF Series

    This series offers a simple solution with excellent crop clearance and the reliable design of a stealth tank.


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.

    Fast Sprayers
    FAST 9600N/TF 
    • 18-30 Metres Boom Length
    • 4000 litres - 5000 litres Capacity

    Bi-fold Boom 
    Standard on FAST(not on other sprayers). The Bi-fold boom enables you to spray in the half folded position

    Self Levelling Boom 
    The FAST hydraulic auto accumulated centre pivot section is decoupled from the trailer allowing it to stay level with the ground at all times, providing a superior boom ride. With the centre section being detached from the sprayer, nozzle height can be adjusted between 5000mm to 1800mm

    Short-Coupled Trailers
    The trailer closely follows the tractor due to one of the shortest hitch pin to axle lengths. This ensures less crop damage during turns and on side slopes

    Adjustable Tracks
    Flexibility of choosing a wheel track size that fits your operation from 2-3 metres

    Steerable Hitch
    Completely tracks behind tractor wheel tracks to eliminate crop damage

    Durable Boom
    The truss boom is overengineered to exceed the expectations of the industry. Tried and proven

    Powder-Coat Paint
    Durable and lasting paint quality

    Tank – 4,000 & 5,000 litre compact ‘Stealth Tank’ provides a low centre of gravity.

    Axle Adjustment – Adjustable fore and aft axle allows excellent trackability for various field conditions to reduce crop damage. Axles are adjustable 2-3 metres (wheel equipment dependant).

    Hitch – Single draw beam hitch provides excellent crop clearance.

    Boom Width – 18, 24, 27 & 30 metre boom widths with hydraulic accumulator suspension.

    Section Valves – Shutoffs, 6-section TeeJet flow-back ball valves.

    Fluid Pump – Hypro 2” x 1 ½” hydraulic centrifugal pump (max flow 780 litres max pressure 8-bar).

    Hand Wash – 10 litre clean water hand wash tank.

    Rinse – 385 litre rinse system with 2 in-tank rinse nozzles.

    Wheel Equipment – 480/80R 38” tyres with 10-bolts hubs.

    Control Valve – 1 ½” Raven MCV and 220L/min flowmeter.

    Plumbing Lines – Stainless steel wet boom with triplet nozzle bodies on all models.

    Hydraulics – Fold and level are hydraulic single remote from cab.

    Tilt – Independent left and right boom tip height adjustment.

    Filtration – Dual Banjo line strainers eliminate tip strainers.

    Speed Sensor – SkyTrak satellite speed sensor.

    Rate Controller – Raven 450 auto rate controller.

    Quick Fill – 2” full port quick fill for main tank.

    Agitation – Dual induction jet agitators with in-cab adjustable electric agitation.

    Contents Gauge – External site gauge.

    Fence Line – Dual electric fence line nozzles.

    Spray Heights – Spray heights from 50 to 180 cm.

    Inbound Meter – Banjo 50mm flowmeter for filling.

    Paint – High quality powder coat paint.

    Chemical Induction – Clean load hopper with venturi.

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