FAST AG 8200 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

  • FAST AG 8200 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

    Harness the benefits of side-dressing with FAST AG Liquid Fertilizer Applicator. We carry a range of applicators that are suitable to your need.


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.

    Fast Sprayers

    All FAST equipment has been field-tested to be a durable design and is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s farmers. We have focused on providing toolbar flex and ride that second to none, a short coupled trailer design to limit crop damage, and making the most out of today’s technology to be compatible with ISO, prescriptions, and variable rate application. Most importantly, we focus on our quality and durability to ensure we will keep you running out in the field.

    Industry Leading Toolbar Flex Industry Leading Toolbar Flex

    Studies show there is an advantage to getting your fertiliser in the ground. Therefore, we have focused on maximising your toolbar flex to ensure that your fertiliser investment is placed in the ground at a consistent depth through all types of terrain and soil conditions.  

    Hydraulic Wing Kick

    FAST’s Hydraulic Wing Kick tilts the outer toolbars up when turning on the headlands to help ensure that the coulters don’t dip into and damage your crops. This is a more dependable system and helps widen your application window.  

    Active Hydraulic Downforce

    To further ensure that your coulters stay in the ground at a consistent depth, FAST makes hydraulic downforce standard on all of its toolbars to effectively work through all types of soil conditions. 

    ISO Compatibility/Variable Rate Technology

    FAST offers many different controller options to best fit your operation and provide you with the amount of precision that is desired when applying fertiliser. Tying into your in-cab display allows you to reduce clutter and also gives you the capability along with variable rate tips to use fertiliser prescriptions. 

    Flexible/Narrow Row Spacing Options

    No two farming operations are perfectly alike. FAST prides itself on being flexible and offering solutions that will fit your needs all the way down to 250mm (10”) or 380mm (15”) on most toolbars. We have designed our equipment for a multitude of different row spacing options to fit with many different types of crops and grower applications. 

    Dual Wheel/Track Capability

    Our Stealth tank design allows many different tyre and axle spacing options. Increase your flotation and decrease your compaction with many different dual options or CAMSO 380mm (15”) track system. This also helps increase your application window and fits well with our 9000 litre tank.

    FAST Crop Defender

    FAST’s exclusive Crop Defender helps shield your crop by knocking down displaced soil caused from the coulter blade. This is especially important in narrow row or very early side-dress applications to help ensure the crop is not covered by soil. Farmers have also stated that the Crop Defender allows them to side-dress at higher speeds.  

    For more information, please download the FAST AG Liquid Fertilizer Applicator product brochure.

    Also available FAST AG 8000 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

    MODEL  8200 SIDE FOLD 
    Transport Height  3.1m (10’2”) 
    Working Transport Width  6.25m (20’6”) 
    Shipping Transport Width  5.03m (16’6”) 
    Transport Length  6.43m (21’1”) 
    Hitch Pin-to-Axle Length  4.8m (15’9”) 
    Empty Weight (kg)  6200 (6800L, 23 coulters) 
    Tank Size(s) (litres)  6800, 9000 
    Toolbar Size(s) (metres)  18.29 (60’), 20.12 (66’) 
    Standard Tyres  380/90R46 (6800L)  480/80R50 (9000L) 
    Delivery Type  Knive or Injection 
    Crop Clearance  (bottom of coulter)  73cm (29”) 
    Standard Hydraulic Pump  Ace 205-304F 
    Toolbar Tube Size  5”x7” double bar,  single on outer wings 
    Hydraulic Down Pressure  Yes 
    Hydraulic Wing Kick TM  Yes 
    Engine HP Required  200-220 
    Quick Fill Size  3” 
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