Goldacres Linkage Sprayers - Medium

  • Goldacres Linkage Sprayers - Medium

    The medium frame linkage sprayer features a tough narrow profile RHS frame designed to keep the weight of the sprayer as close to the rear of the tractor as possible.


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    Gold Acres

    Choose from booms suited to pasture, rowcrop or broadacre spraying. The medium frame 3PL unit comes with a host of standard features to make your spraying easier, safer and more efficient. Tank size of 1200 litres and units can be fitted with the Twinlink manual boom, Krono rowcrop boom or suspended Delta hydraulic boom. All units are fitted with electric controls, high capacity diaphragm pto drive pumps, three way filtration system, 45 litre flush tanks, chemical transfer probe and an EZ control station. There are a host of options available to configure the unit to your specifications.

    • Narrow profile RHS frame designed to the keep the weight of the sprayer as close to the tractor as possible
    • 23 litre hand wash tank with provision to store a liquid soap dispenser
    • Simple pressure manifold station directs pump flow to venturis and other ancillaries
    • A suction filter and two inline pressure filters are fitted for optimum filtration
    • The 45 litre fresh water tank is plumbed through a 3 way ball valve to allow flushing of the system
    • Udor Zeta 140 pump features chemical resistant components such as desmopan for the pump diaphragms and stainless internal components. Standard with a 540 rpm pto drive.
    • The top mount bottom fill enables the sprayer to be filled from a safe working height. Located at the side of the unit, the top mount bottom fill eliminates the need to fill the sprayer through the lid.
    • Enables electric control of your boom sections and pressure adjustment from the tractor cab

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