Goldacres Pro-Reel

  • Goldacres Pro-Reel

    Transform an existing tank and pump into a weed-killing weapon. Simply add a Pro-Reel to your outfit and take the work out of spraying.


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    Gold Acres

    The Pro-Reel® is a remote controlled automatic rewind hose reel that is powered by a 12 volt motor completely removing the need to manually wind up the hose after completing your spraying tasks. The Pro-Reel® will make your spraying simpler, safer and quicker.


    • 2 channel radio receiver (200m range)
    • 12dc motor with adjustable v-belt
    • Anti-corrosion poly reel plates
    • A swivel hose feeder with 360º rollers evenly distribute the nylon hose
    • High flow stainless steel internal inlet shaft with stainless external hardware ensure the reel can withstand the harshest environments

    Pro-Reel® key features

    Control system

    Pro Reel Remote Control System

    A powerful two channel radio receiver (433 MHz FM) with a 200m range controls the Pro-Reel® rewind function. the remote features a single button motor shutdown for emergencies whil a manual override switch allows the hose to be rewound if the remote loses power, is damaged lost.

    Nylon 12 hose

    Pro Reel Nylon 12 Hose

    Nylon 12 hose is the toughest, anti kink hose available. With an OD of 8mm and a thin wall it enables 50, 100 or 150 metres of hose to neatly fit to the reel while providing minimal pressure loss. This hose is Ideally suited to the pro reel due to it’s high pressure rating and super slip outer surface.

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