Hardi Commander Series

  • Hardi Commander Series

    With tanks sizes from 5,000 to 10,000L and boom combinations of 24 to 42.5m, this system sets new standards in precision and application rate control.


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.


    Tanks sizes in 5000, 6500, 8500 & 10000L & boom combinations of 24 to 42.5m can be chosen. The SafetyLocker left front side panel hinges up to reveal two compartments for safety equipment and parts. DynamicFluid4 sets new standards in precision and immediate response application rate control. TurboFiller delivers fast chemical mixing and transfer. Vacuum suction provides direct chemical suction and transfer. High capacity 27 point venturi agitation ensures effective uniform tank mixing. The HC6500, HC8500 & HC9500 spray controllers offer the highest level of performance and application precision.

    Hardi Commander Series sprayer Features 

    Directional Filling 

    High capacity directional filling is controlled from the one fill point. This means you can fill one tank at a time or both the main tank and flush tanks simultaneously.  


    Lowering the TurboFiller into the operating position is made easy with a spring loaded drop down bracket that automatically locks for transport.
    Chemical Injection

    Chemical injection reduces operator exposure to chemicals by eliminating tank mixing and rinsing. 

    EasyClean Filter

    The suction filter is a high capacity filter with a very large surface area. The condition of the filter can be constantly monitored by an external gauge and ensures that the filter is only cleaned when needed.

    Tank Capacity: 5000, 6500, 8500 or 10000L

    Controller: HC6500 & optional HC8500 & HC9500

    TurboFiller: High capacity with integrated work table

    Liquid System: Simple to operate with many features

    Axle: Adjustable 2.2-3m

    Boom Choice: Eagle, Force, B3 or TerraForce

    Note: HARDI products are available at the following franchise: Tasmania



    Hardi Commander II trailing sprayer

    $ P.O.A.

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