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  • Raven AutoBoom

    Automatic boom height control system offers faster-operating speeds, simple calibration and user-friendly controls.


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    Raven Industries

    The AutoBoom automatic boom height control system offers faster operating speeds, simple calibration and user-friendly controls. Its unique hydraulic-powered design delivers a smoother and responsive height-adjusting system.

    Auto Boom gives you increased efficiency with faster spraying speeds, covering more acres in less time and with less operator stress and fatigue.

    • Automatic calibration, less than one minute per boom
    • Optimal spray height ensured
    • Ability to increase spraying speeds
    • Up to 5 sensors, including centre rack control
    • Less wear and tear on the boom
    • ISOBUS compatibility
    • Pressure-based control for smoother boom movements and adjustments
    • Stand alone controller allows users to add AutoBoom in the absence of a field computer

    Choose from three options:

    AutoBoom PowerGlide Plus System

    Upgraded with a cushioned wheel for enhanced performance in extreme field conditions. PowerGuide Plus also includes a complete system upgrade with CANbus, making it a snap to use with any Raven field computer. Ideal for pre-emergent applications.
    •   State of the art hydraulics maintain a constant pressure
    •   Simplified one touch calibration
    •   Compatible with many consoles
    AutoBoom UltraGlide System

    Take advantage of ultrasonic sensors that guage the distance to the ground with this fully-loaded boom height control system that’s ideal for pre and post emergence applications. UltraGlide includes a centre rack control that makes it easy and quick to return to spray and transport modes. CANbus technology for integrated multi system operations is also standard.
    •   In cab monitoring and adjustments
    •   Simplified one touch calibration
    •   Five sensor capability
    •   Wheel mode capability
    •   Compatible with many consoles
    AutoBoom UltraGlide with PowerGlide Plus

    The ultimate upgrade offers the best of both AutoBoom PowerGlide and AutoBoom UltraGlide systems.



    AutoBoom PowerGlide Plus System


    AutoBoom UltraGlide System


    AutoBoom UltraGlide w/Powerglide Plus


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