Raven SideKick & SideKick Pro

  • Raven SideKick & SideKick Pro

    No tank mixing required.


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    Raven Industries


    • SideKick features a stand-alone console compatible with many controller options.
    • Up to 4 units on one machine, allowing easy switching between fields & applications
    • No pre-mixing, tank mixing, cross contamination or clean out
    • Powerful positive displacement pump which injects on the pressure side, closer to the boom, for faster response time
    • Low volume capacity of 1-40 oz/min
    • High volume capacity range of 5-200 oz/min
    • Eliminates waste for more environmentally friendly practices
    • Reduced chemical exposure means additional safety for operator
    • Adjust chemical concentration on the fly rather than spraying more or less of the entire mix
    • Gain flexibility in the work day – with direct injection, you don’t need to worry about weather

    Sidekick Pro

    It’s the direct injection system that sets a new standard for chemical applications of every type, with unprecedented precision, savings and safety. No tank mixing required – and with the industry’s first remote and closed calibration and prime feature, you’re ready to go in minutes. It also features:

    • High resolution encoder that provides smoother pump control and exceptional lock on target rate technology
    • Remote closed system calibration, eliminating the need for calibration catch tests and exposure to chemicals
    • Automatic priming feature
    • Real-time diagnostics
    • Injects chemicals directly into the in-line mixing tube to eliminate pre-mixing and costly leftovers

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