Teejet 430 DirectoValve

  • Teejet 430 DirectoValve

    Teejet DirectoValve 430 Series Flow Back Manifold


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    The 430 series Flow Back manifold utilises a unique ball design that relieves trapped pressure in the boom. This provides instant shutoff at nozzles and eliminates application problems resulting from nozzles continuing to spray after the boom section has been switched off. Flow back technology is the perfect complement to automatic boom section control and growers can often realise significant chemical savings.


    • 1/4 turn ball valve design for positive shutoff
    • 0.6 second shutoff time fully open to fully closed
    • Liquid from flow back line must be returned, unrestricted, to top of tank
    • Less than 0.5 amp steady state current draw at 12 VDC
    • Motor assembly features built-in mini-DIN electrical connector and is IP67 rated
    • Motor available in EC (single pole, single throw) or E (double pole, double throw) configurations for use with a variety of controls
    • All metal gear train with stainless steel ball and stem provide excellent wear life
    • Large Quick Connect inlet can be configured in a variety of ways
    • Quick Connect fittings used on outlet and flow back port for rapid attachment and removal of boom lines
    • Maximum pressure rating of 215 PSI (15 bar)
    • The flow rate is 9.2 GPM (35 l/min) at a 5 PSI (0.34 bar) pressure drop, 13.7 GPM (53 l/min) at a 10 PSI (0.69 bar) pressure drop
    • Wetted parts are polypropylene, stainless steel, Viton and PTFE
    • Integral mounting brackets allow for easy installation
    • Also available in 2-way and 3-way versions
    Part No.  Description
    433EC-2-D-KIT 3 section manifold kit
    434EC-2-D-KIT 4 section manifold kit
    435EC-2-D-KIT 5 section manifold kit
    437EC-2-D-KIT 7 section manifold kit
    58445 Replacement motor
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