Trimble CFX 750 Display

  • Trimble CFX 750 Display

    A durable, touchscreen system with wireless data transfer. Instantly adjust the boom and create a high-yielding environment with accurate seed placement.


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.


    CFX 750 Display features

    • Rugged construction 8″ colour touchscreen display
    • Two video camera inputs
    • High performance, integrated GPS/GNSS receiver
    • Manual guidance and mapping
    • Trimble steering system compatibility
    • Boom height control for sprayers
    • Seed monitoring
    • Two product VRA control
    • Automatic section control
    • Basic yield monitoring
    • Wireless data transfer for in-office analysis

    Key Field-IQ System Capabilities

    • Simultaneously control the application rate of up to two different materials.
    • Create a high-yielding environment with accurate seed placement.
    • Instantly adjust the height of boom sections with sensors that measure the distance between ground cover or plant canopy to maintain even material application when spraying.

    Guidance and Mapping

    • Perform point, line, coverage, and area mapping in a variety of fields patterns.
    • Upgrade to a Trimble assisted or automated steering system, such as the EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot, or Autopilot system, to complete your total guidance package and operate with ease.

    Is Your Farm Connected?

    • Wirelessly transfer guidance lines, variable rate prescription maps, as- applied variety maps, and more between the office and field using Connected Farm – so that you can increase your efficiency and productivity.
    Note: TRIMBLE products are available at the following franchise: DubboParkesSwan Hill and Horsham.  

    Part No.




    CFX 750 display DGPS



    Radio Kit, 900 MHz, CFX 750



    Passcode upgrade DGPS to OmniSTAR



    Passcode upgrade OmniSTAR to RTK



    Passcode upgrade RTK to GLONASS



    Passcode upgrade to variable rate control


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