• Weedseeker

    Weedseeker Selective Spot Spray technology is available in a conveniently packaged stand-alone trailed platform. Check out how to increase cost savings for every hectare covered.


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    Weedseeker Selective Spot Spray technology is available in a conveniently packaged stand-alone trailed platform. Providing optimum performance using proven rugged suspended

    boom design, resulting in greater spot spraying efficiency and increased cost savings for every hectare covered. Find out more about the 3000WS Series WeedSeeker stand-alone platform.
    SprayerBarn gives you a tour of the Weedseeker, check out the video:


    The weedseeker is a tool to target specific plants at specific times reducing the costs of herbicide application and increasing the effectiveness of the targeted application.
    The optical spray sense technology analyses the reflective light by green plants. Once the weed is detected the herbicide spray is signaled to spray the offending plant immediately
    The weedseeker enables the spraying of fallow paddocks at times that suit the farmer and at a time where herbicide uptake is best utilised by the targeted weeds. Results in this area indicate savings of up to 90% in herbicide costs as well as delivering significant environmental benefits.
    The weedseeker allows you to strategically manage paddocks and instead of a heavy dosed blanket spray, a more specific blend of herbicide can be used as the cost of application is vastly reduced.
    The weedseekeer can be fitted to any sprayer. This is a stand a alone Sonic platform, with a  3000 litre main tank with self filling station and chemical hopper. It is fitted with both weedseeker and blanket line boom. 
    This is available in all states immediately
    • Field-proven boom design
    • incorporating strength and
    • stability
    • 24m to 40m boom widths
    • Hydraulic lift and fold
    • 3000 litre capacity
    • 7000kg tandem suspension
    • Hypro hydraulic product pump
    • Banjo plumbing
    • 200 litre fl ush tank
    • 2.4m wheel track
    • 3.5m transport width


    • Overall spray line
    • 60 litre Granni Mix system
    • 3m wheel track
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