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  • Teejet AITTJ Spray Tips

    Teejet Air Induction Turbo TwinJet® Twin Flat Spray Tips


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    Teejet Technologies
    • Flat pattern spray tip utilizing air induction with dual 110° flat fan patterns. There is a 60° angle between leading and trailing spray patterns. 
    • Made of a polyacetal material , the AITTJ60-VP provides excellent chemical and wear resistance.
    • Best suited for for postemergence applications requiring a combination of coverage, penetration and minimal spray drift.
    • Excellent drift control with coarse to very coarse droplets 
    • Available in six VisiFlo® color-coded capacities (02 through 06) – color represents total flow with pressure ranges from 20 – 90 psi (1.5 – 6 bar).
    • Ideal for use with automatic sprayer controllers.
    • Automatic alignment when used with Quick TeeJet nozzle bodies and caps.

    Typical Applications




    Very Good



     Very Good*



    *At pressures below 30 psi (2.0 bar) 

    Optimum Spray Height


     20" (50 cm)
     Nozzle Spacing


     20" (50 cm)

    How to order:

    Specify tip number.
         AITTJ6011004VP - Polymer with VisiFlo color-coding
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