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    AIXR Teejet Air Induction XR Flat Spray Tips


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    Teejet Technologies


    • 110o wide, tapered flat spray angle with air induction technology offers better drift management
    • Made of a two-piece UHMWPE polymer construction with VisiFlo colour coding. UMPE provides excellent chemical resistance, including acids, as well as exceptional wear life
    • Compact size to prevent tip damage
    • Depending on the chemical, produces large air-filled drops through a Venturi air aspirator
    • Removable pre-orifice
    • Available in seven tip capacities with a wide operating pressure range: 15-90 PSI (1-6 bar)
    • Automatic alignment when used with 25612-*-NYR Quick Teejet cap and gasket
    How to Order:

    AIXR11004VP - Polymer with VisiFlo colour coding
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