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  • Teejet QJ90-2XTT Nozzles

    Turbo Teejet Duo Dual Polymer Flat Fan Spray Tips


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    • Two Turbo Teejet tapered edge flat fan spray tips using a QJ90-2-NYR adapter to produce a twin-type patter spraying forward and back
    • Provides more versatility than the standard twin-type spray tip. Depending on the Turbo Teejet tip orientation, a 60o, 90o or 120o included angle can be achieved
    • Best suited for broadcast spraying where superior leaf coverage and canopy penetration is important
    • QJ90 adapter and Quick Teejet caps are made of nylon. Turbo Teejet tips are made of Acetal for excellent wear life and chemical resistance
    • Ideal for use with automatic sprayer controls
    • Recommended operating pressure range is 15-90 PSI (1-6 bar)
    • Quick Teejet caps (included) are coloured to match the VisiFlo colour coding of spray tips
    How to Order:
    QJ90-2XTT11004-VP - Polymer with VisiFlo colour coding
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