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  • Teejet TTI60 nozzles

    The TTI60 TeeJet air induction twin flat spray tip provides extremely large droplets for maximum drift control along with the improved coverage of a twin spray.


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    Teejet Technologies
    The TTI60 Teejet nozzles produce Extremely Course(XC) and Ultra Course(UC) droplets throughout most of the pressure range and falls into the nozzles recommended for reducing Spray Drift by APVMA
    • Featuring 20% discount
    • TTI60 produces two 110° wide angle, flat spray patterns for uniform coverage in broadcast applications. 
    • 60° angle between leading and trailing patterns for increased canopy penetration and leaf coverage.
    • All in one molded nozzle and Quick TeeJet® cap design provides automatic spray alignment.  Extremely large drift resistant droplets are produced through the use of a venturi air aspirator. 
    •  Provides excellent drift control and produces minimal driftable fines - less than 1.5%*. 
    • Acetal construction for excellent chemical and wear resistance. • Removable pre-orifice allows for disassembly and cleaning.
    • Suggested spray pressure range of 20-100 PSI (1.5-7 bar)
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