Self Propelled Sprayers

  • Crop Cruiser G5 / G6

    The G5 / G6 Crop Cruiser has a 5200 or 6000L tank, proven TriTech boom range of up to 42m, efficient mechanical drive system and a host of options to make your spraying operations economical and enjoyable.
  • G8 Super Crusier

    The Super Cruiser is a major milestone in terms of self propelled sprayer capacity and performance.
  • Goldacres Cropcruiser - G3/G4

    The G3 / G4 Series Crop Cruiser sprayers represent the very best technology in a package that is both simple and economical to operate.
  • Hardi Presidio 2700

    A heavy duty, light weight row crop self-propelled sprayer with excellent flotation, crop clearance weight distribution.
  • Hardi Saritor Series

    Saritor II provides the highest level of operator efficiency, comfort and control. The cab offers an uninterrupted view of the crop to the front and sides.
  • Househam Spirit Series Cotton Boss

    High technology, low weight, entry-level self-propelled machine. Manufactured by UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of top quality self-propelled crop sprayer.
  • Miller Condor

    The rugged Condor is simple, yet powerful and highly efficient. Quiet and comfortable to drive, it offers low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs.
  • Miller Nitro 6000 Series

    Miller Nitro 6000 Series is the ideal self-propelled sprayer for demanding operations. A wide range of model, horsepower options, boom options and precision technologies available.
  • Miller Nitro N2XP

    A versatile mid-size sprayer designed to meet the needs of both farm operators and custom applicators. An ideal fit for specialised row crop applications.
  • Multidrive M420-XT

    Multidrive is a powerful and economical all-terrain load carrier with 195hp 6-cylinder John Deere engine. 10-tonne carrying capacity and 18-tonne towing capacity.
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