Trailing Sprayers

  • Fast 5000 Series

    This series offers a simple solution with excellent crop clearance and the reliable design of a stealth tank.


    As locally owned and operated businesses, our strong network of franchisees are part of their local community and understand the needs of their local customers.

    Fast Sprayers
    • Self Levelling Boom
    • Short-Coupled Trailers
    • Boom Height Adjustability
    • "Stealth" Tank Design
    • Powder-Coat Paint
    • Boom Fold Functions
    • Simple Decontamination

    Tank – 4,000 & 5,000 litre compact ‘Stealth Tank’ provides a low centre of gravity.

    Axle Adjustment – Adjustable fore and aft axle allows excellent trackability for various field conditions to reduce crop damage. Axles are adjustable 2-3 metres (wheel equipment dependant).

    Hitch – Single draw beam hitch provides excellent crop clearance.

    Boom Width – 18, 24, 27 & 30 metre boom widths with hydraulic accumulator suspension.

    Section Valves – Shutoffs, 6-section TeeJet flow-back ball valves.

    Fluid Pump – Hypro 2” x 1 ½” hydraulic centrifugal pump (max flow 780 litres max pressure 8-bar).

    Hand Wash – 10 litre clean water hand wash tank.

    Rinse – 385 litre rinse system with 2 in-tank rinse nozzles.

    Wheel Equipment – 480/80R 38” tyres with 10-bolts hubs.

    Control Valve – 1 ½” Raven MCV and 220L/min flowmeter.

    Plumbing Lines – Stainless steel wet boom with triplet nozzle bodies on all models.

    Hydraulics – Fold and level are hydraulic single remote from cab.

    Tilt – Independent left and right boom tip height adjustment.

    Filtration – Dual Banjo line strainers eliminate tip strainers.

    Speed Sensor – SkyTrak satellite speed sensor.

    Rate Controller – Raven 450 auto rate controller.

    Quick Fill – 2” full port quick fill for main tank.

    Agitation – Dual induction jet agitators with in-cab adjustable electric agitation.

    Contents Gauge – External site gauge.

    Fence Line – Dual electric fence line nozzles.

    Spray Heights – Spray heights from 50 to 180 cm.

    Inbound Meter – Banjo 50mm flowmeter for filling.

    Paint – High quality powder coat paint.

    Chemical Induction – Clean load hopper with venturi.

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